Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Attitudes and using coupons at Walmart

Let's just say I was disappointed in my Walmart shopping trip. 

Aggravated is more like it.

I had my WM coupons all ready.  I guess the cashier was in a bad mood and the people behind me were, too due to it being the only lane open where the item amount was unlimited.  There were only like 3 lanes opened and the lines were horribly long!  One lane was the tobacco lane where the item limit was 10, the other was the 20 items or less limit.

As my items are being scanned, I like to watch that little credit card thingie so I can keep up with the running total.  It was sideways and I tried to turn it to face me and the clerk snapped, "Don't turn it!  It will only work that way!".  Well, I quickly rotated it back into place and commented that it wasn't working anyway and she told me to watch the other display, what ever they call that thing that shows the price being charged. 

The line was growing and I could feel the resentment from the lady behind me, tho I didn't know her and hadn't done anything to her.  I didn't even have many items.  She was just mad at me for some reason.

I handed the clerk my coupons and she began to scan.  I heard the beep, but the display never changed.  She took my money and coupons and put them in the drawer. 

I didn't want to hold up the line, so I walked away a few feet and checked my receipt.  I had used 6 coupons and it only scanned 4 of them.  Grr!  I didn't want to cause a scene and have her redo the items, that would have taken forever!  So I decided to ask for the coupons that didn't scan.  She never really told me yes, so when I asked a second time, she snapped at me again that she was going to check out this particular lady so she could open the drawer and retrieve the coupons.

Really, she didn't act like she believed me at all.

I turned on the sugar (turn away wrath with a soft word :)) and her attitude changed.  My daughter was watching the people in the line and they were looking at each other and shaking their heads like I was really doing them and the poor clerk wrong.

While this was going on, my hubby was getting the car outside.  As he was trying to pull out of a lane, some woman whipped around in front of him and glared at him like he was doing her wrong. 

I don't know, maybe it was a full moon or something?!  lol.  I plan on doing my shopping at Kroger and the dollar stores from now on. 

I think I can live without Walmart, their long lines and their crowded parking lots.

*Note - the two coupons that didn't scan were for Sara Lee bread and Malta Meal cereal.

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